Özcan Yıldız

CEO / AcademyTech

We are proud of that in past 20 years, AcademyTech became one of the largest training, content and Instructor delivery company not only in our market but also in the world.

“Since 1999, we have gained several successes, awards and specializations. With the reputation of AcademyTech, we have done several IT related business in 55 countries. We would like to thank to our Strategic partners, Customers and Friends in this page.”

Who is Özcan

Ozcan Yildiz, can be easily clarified as one of new-generation leaders, who can manage business and social life together. He wears too many different hats at same time, means he leads AcademyTech, SwarTea, and IceWarp Turkey addition to his lessons at University as Lecturer. Due to his workload, his social life is surely directly connected with his business life, and as he likes to have adventurous extreme sports, in each his business trips, counted as more than 80 countries till 2017, he separates some times for some sports such as diving, climbing, surfing etc.

Addition to his natural Management Skills, he is trusted advisor on IT and Project management and one of the most known guy in IT Market in Turkey.
Because of his nature, he is an enduring man so that he can take a startup company up to the leader of that market, in which he did at AcademyTech, SwarTea and IceWarp.

For example;
*He established AcademyTech at 1999 and when 2014 year came, AcademyTech awarded by Deloitte as Fastest Growing Technology company at 2014 and 2015 which means two years in a row.
*He had rights to distribute IceWarp Technology at 2005 and when 2015 came, he achieved a growth of more than %2000 on sales.
*Nowadays (2017) he is leading SwarTea with his other companies and he is aiming to get more success in a less time, which he could do with AcademyTech and IceWarp. He wishes to accomplish this success easily because, SwarTea has a product named as IoTea, which is World's First and Only IoT based Tea Vending Machine.

Ozcan holds a Bachelor of Science degree from Istanbul University as Electronics Engineer. Addition to his academic career and beyond his high technical certifications such as CCIE, CCAI, CCSI, PMP, ITIL certifications as well. As a Lecturer and Instructor, he attended and presented more than 60 sales and technical conferences in Worldwide (ref:2016).
Moreover his business success and social activities, he has a lovely family with one son and one daughter.







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