This five-day course prepares network security engineers with the skills and knowledge needed to deploy the Cisco Identity Services Engine (ISE) and 802.1X secure network access and to implement and manage network access security by using the Cisco ISE appliance product solution.

Ne öğreneceksiniz

  • Cisco ISE architecture and access control capabilities
  • 802.1X architecture, implementation, and operation
  • Commonly implemented Extensible Authentication Protocols (EAPs)
  • Implement public key infrastructure (PKI) with ISE
  • Implement internal and external authentication databases
  • Implement MAC Authentication Bypass (MAB)
  • Implement identity based authorization policies
  • Cisco TrustSec features
  • Implement web authentication and guest access
  • Implement ISE Posture service
  • Implement ISE Profiling
  • Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) as it relates to ISE
  • Troubleshoot ISE


1. Threat Mitigation through Identity Services

2. ISE Fundamentals

3. Advance Access Control

4. Web Authentication and Guest Access

5. Endpoint

6. Troubleshooting Network Access Control


Lab 1: Installing a Certificate in ISE

Lab 2: Local/Remote Identity Stores with Active Directory/LDAP and Sequence Lists

Lab 3: Examining and Configuring Supplicants

Lab 4: 802.1X: Wired Networks

Lab 5: 802.1X: MAR and EAP Chaining

Lab 6: 802.1X: MAC Authentication Bypass

Lab 7: Implement Central WebAuth

Lab 8: Implement Guest Access and My Device Portal

Lab 9: Implement Posture Service

Lab 10: Implement the Profile Service

Lab 11: Implementing TrustSec and MACsec

Ön gereksinimler

  • IINS - Implementing Cisco IOS Network Security 

  • Cisco CCNA Security Boot Camp

Kimler katılabilir

  • Network security engineers
  • Channel Partner / Reseller
  • Customer
  • Employee

Sonrasındaki eğitimler

  • SENSS - Implementing Cisco Edge Network Security Solutions
  • SIMOS - Implementing Cisco Secure Mobility Solutions

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